Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Number of agency boards have been ordered for our London offices as opportunities arise in Fulham & Chelsea.

Now members of the local business forum & interest group The Earls Court Society and look forward to participating in future events & meetings. Together with our pending membership of the Kensington & Chelsea Chambers we continue to engage with the local community & business.

Met owner of block of flats and shops in Lillie Road, Fulham and hoping to seek other local & similar type purchases.

Met Duncan Walker, Director of Helical Bar Plc and impressed by their current investment and development pipeline and criteria. Hopefully we will shortly be able to present them with a commercial property opportunity in central London.

Together with our sister company in Dubai we continue to look for blue chip commercial property investments located only in London SW1 and up to £35m lot size.

Wimbledon office instruction at 165 The Broadway formally launched with both brochure (hard  copy & i) and dedicated website (www.165thebroadwaysw19.com).

New brochures (in both formats) for office freehold sales at Buildings 1 & 2 Daten Park, Warrington is released this week. Dedicated website www.datenpark.co.uk is imminent.

New shop agency instruction secured at Unit 4, The Atrium, Ashford TW15 2UD our particulars as PDF now available from our website.

Atmosphere for the Olympics building up as we commute jointly with stewards and spectators around the tube and south west train networks, also I will experience watching first hand an Olympic event with the road race going past my home this weekend and next Wednesday, can't wait!

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